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Rochester Hotel - calafate


4 x 4 Tours. Outdoor Mil.

El Calafate Balcony. Departing from El Calafate, climb up 1050mts. above the sea to the first balcony, enjoying the panoramic view of El Calafate and the eastern part of the Argentine Lake. If it is a clear day, you will be able to see the Chalten Hill, Cerro Torre and the flight of the condors. The rise continues until the Stone Labyrinth, exclusive product of the MIL Outdoor Company. It is a formation from the Cretaceous era with fossils from 85 million years. After the descent, refreshment at the Sombreros Rock. Return to El Calafate down the north face of the ridge, overlooking the stunning Argentine Lake. Before reaching the village a stop shows the route traveled, a total of 15Km.
Departure times: 9 am. and 2 pm.
Duration: 3 hs. Include Stop with refreshments on the terrace.

Price: $ 210 .- per person.

Balcony 4. Calafate Balcony Tour + lunch.
Departure times: 10am. and 4 pm.
Duration: 4 hrs. Includes lunch.

Price: $ 150 .- per person.

Rates valid up to September 1st 2011.

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