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Rochester Hotel - calafate


Geography and Climate

The city of El Calafate, near the Calafate Hill, is located on the southern shore of the Argentine Lake, at the Round Bay, 185 meters above sea level, 50 ° 20 'south latitude. Surrounded by willows, poplars and pine trees typical of the steppe. The urban sector is characterized by low and rustic buildings.
The climate is mostly dry, warm desert type, with significant temperature variation. The maximum summer temperature is 19ºC, at this season the days are long: the sun rises at 5.30 am and it darkens towards 11 pm. The minimum temperature in winter is of -2ºC, it is a time of short days, with only 8 hours of sunlight.
The west winds are usually more frequent during spring and summer days.
Rainfall decreases from west to east: in the area of the Continental Ice it reaches 8.000mm per year, at the Glaciers National Park it ranges from 1,000 to 1.500mm, while at El Calafate it only reaches 300mm a year

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