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Puerto Madero

Places you cannot stop visiting in this new and modern neighborhood:

1. School of Fine Arts, Cárcova, Tristán Achával Rodríguez 1701
Here we find the Museum of Calcos, exhibiting reproductions of classical sculptures in natural size. In addition the School of Fine Arts offers workshops and classes for those interested in the art and techniques. In its inside park there is a grill. 
2. Fountain of the Nereids. Tristán Achával Rodríguez 1600
A controversial work, which raised lots of critics when it was created due to the nudes, so instead of being located in Plaza de Mayo, it was situated in Leandro N. Alem Avenue and after several years moved to the South Coastal. The Fpuntain, built by the sculptor Lola Mora in 1903, represents the birth of the Venus goddess and is made of Carrara marble. 
3. Ecological Reserve, Tristán Achával Rodríguez 1550
Located just five minutes from downtown Buenos Aires, with an area of 350 hectares covered by grasslands, willows and alders and inhabited by various species of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles. Declared Ecological Reserve Area, by the government in 1986. Guided walks throughout the day and night. 
4. Costanera Sur, Azucena Villaflor y Tristán Achával Rodríguez
In 1918 the town spa was inaugurated here and became one of the most popular and crowded areas in the city, but then in 1950 began to lose this popularity due to the high pollution of the Rio de la Plata. 
5. Edificio Malecon, Dike 1
Designed by a prestigious firm of architects in the United States. It is an office tower of 12 floors with a great business foundation, built in 1999. 
6. Church Our Lady of Hope, Dike 2
Round church like the Church of the Inmaculada Concepcion inBelgrano, belongs to the Argentine Coast. Opened in 1996, created by the rchitects Poli, Casano and Zubillaga. 
7. Buenos Aires Mill, Dike 2
We find this construction of the year 1891 in the east margin of the dam. Declared national heritage, dedicated to produce flour until 1956. 
8. Monument to tango, Dike 2
9. Edificio Molinos Rio de la Plata, Dike 3
Worked together with the port of Buenos Aires during the best times, it facilitated the loading and unloading of products according to storage time. Built in 1902. 
10. Fragata Sarmiento Ship Museum, Dock 3
Built in England as a request of the Argentine government in 1898. It made 39 trips through all the seas of the world as one of the school-ships. 
11. Women Bridge, Dike 3
A magnificent bridge of global attraction, It lifts up 90 degrees to allow the passage of ships. Designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the construction took 12 months and was finally completed in 2001. 
12. Monument to Christopher Columbus and Columbus Park, Avenida de la Rábida
Built to celebrate the centenary of Argentine independence. Take the figure of Columbus in Carrara marble, weighing 38 tons and a height of 6.25 meters.  
The wok was encouraged by an Italian named Antonio Devoto, the sculptor Analdo Zocchi built it and in 1921 it was inaugurated.  
On the monument you can see remains of shells that were fired in 1955 when aircraft from the Navy attempted to overthrow Perón, president at the time and bombed the Plaza de Mayo. 
13. Pavillon of Arts-UCA (Edif St. Mary of Buenos Aires), Paseo Joan M. Gorriti 1300  
Catholic University of Argentina has opened the pavilion for art shows in Argentina, it has 400 square meters.  
It can be visited from Tuesdays to Sundays from 11 am to 20 pm. For more information: 4338-0667   

14. Monumental Antenna or Mast of the Italians, Av de los Italianos and Güemes  
Donated by the Italian government, in the center of the square stands a replica of the winged lion of St. Mark in Venice. This is the point of reunion of the Italians for their manifestations. 
15. Puerto Madero Station, Avenida Perón and Alicia Moreau de Justo  
It has designed a high-class train with air conditioning and functional music, which passes through this modern neighborhood and make a stop in it. This service makes use of the tunnel of 1912 linking the port to the west of Buenos Aires. 
16. Corbeta Uruguay Ship Museum, Dock 4  
Built in British yards, with 85 meters length and 13.3 meters  wide. In 1872 we acquired it thanks to president Sarmiento and function as ship.school between 1898 and 1961. Then in 1901 it was involvedi in the Antarctic rescue of the Swedish expedition sunk imprisoned by the ice. 
17. Yacht Club Puerto Madero, Dock 4  
Designed by a prestigious builder of English ports, called Camper. Has 250 moorings that provide electricity, water, cable TV phone, cleaning, maintenance and boat repair. It also has a Club House 2000m2 and three floating plants. This luxurious Yacht Club was opened in 1997. 
18. Tourist Information Center, Dock 4  
The government of Buenos Aires provides various tourist information centers, and these are one of them and where you can get maps, guides and brochures in different languages. 
19. Harbor Yacht Club Argentino, Dock 4  
School of yachting.

20. Bank Boston Building, 265 Della Paolera  
In the lobby of the building you can see a magnificent work of Argentinean painter Guillermo Roux. It took 4 years to finish because it is a mural of 5,5 per 12 meters, and Roux was helped by Marina Curci and Laura Olalde. The work was ready in 2005. 

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