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Theatres and Shows

Buenos Aires has an intense theatrical activity. Plays are constantly being premier don its three circuits: official, commercial and independent.

Official circuit

In which classic plays are represented and innovative versions of the universal theater and lyric.


Theatre General San Martín. Av. Corrientes 1530, San Nicolás. 0 800 333 5254. Buses: 5, 6, 7, 12, 24, 26, 37, 50, 60, 124, 146, 150, 15   


Theatre Colón. Cerrito 618, San Nicolás. 4378 7100. Buses: 5, 6, 29, 39, 59, 67, 115, 132, 146, 155. 


Theatre Nacional Cervantes. Av. Córdoba 1155, Retiro. 4815 8883. Buses: 5, 10, 17, 23, 26, 38, 39, 59, 67, 70, 75, 99, 100.


Theatre President Alvear. Av. Corrientes 1659, San Nicolás. 4374 1425. Buses: 5, 6, 7, 12, 24, 26, 37, 50, 60, 124, 146, 150, 15   


Theatre Regio. Av. Córdoba 6056, Palermo. 4772 3350. Buses: 19, 34, 71, 93, 108, 111, 127, 166, 176.  


Theatre de la Ribera. Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1821, La Boca. Buses: 20 - 29 - 46 - 53 - 64 - 86 - 152 - 168 - 186


Theatre Sarmiento.  Av. Sarmiento 2715 (Jardín Zoológico), Palermo. Subway lines: D (Plaza Italia). Buses:10 - 12 - 15 - 21 - 29 - 34 - 36 - 37 - 39 - 41 - 55 - 57 - 59 - 60 - 64 - 67 - 68 - 93 - 102 - 111 - 128 - 141 - 160 - 161 - 166 – 188

Commercial circuit

With epicentre on Corrientes Av. Where musical comedies are presented, tango shows, magazines and local versions of  plays represented all over the world.


Theatre Lola Membrives. Av. Corrientes 1280,  San Nicolás. 4381 0073. Buses: 6-7-9-24-29-59 


Theatre Gran Rex. Av. Corrientes 857, San Nicolás. 4322 8000. Buses: 6-7-9-17-24-26-02-109-146 


Theatre Maipo. Esmeralda 443, San Nicolás. 4322 4882. Buses: 7-24-26-45 


Theatre Nacional.  Av. Corrientes 950, San Nicolás. 4322 3093.  


Theatre Astral. Rodríguez Peña 687, San Nicolás. 4371 5106. Buses: 5-6-9-24-26-29-102-146 


Theatre Complex La Plaza. Av. Corrientes 1660, San Nicolás. 6320-5350. Buses: 5-6-24-29-37 


Theatre Metropolitan. Av. Corrientes 1343, San Nicolás. 4373 4444. Buses: 5-6-9-24-29 


Theatre Ópera. Av. Corrientes 860, San Nicolás. 4326 1335. Buses: 6-7-9-17-24-26-102-109-146 

Independent or alternative circuit

Concentrates mainly on the Abasto or Palermo and San Telmo neighbourhoods. Usually avant-garde plays are represented, by young creators in places remodelled as theatres, with important public rotation, especially young.


El camarín de las musas. Mario Bravo 960, Almagro. 4862 0655. Buses: 19-24-26-36-71-92-99-127-128-151 


Espacio Callejón. Humahuaca 3759, Almagro. 4862-1167.


El Cubo. Zelaya 3053, between Jean Jaures and Anchorena, Abasto. 4-963-2568


Chacarerean Theatre. Nicaragua 5565, Palermo. 4775 9010. Buses: 29-39-93-95-111-140-151-166-168. 


La carbonera. Balcarce 990, San Telmo. 4362 2651. Buses: 22-24-28-68-86-93-152

El Piccolino. Fitz Roy 2056, Palermo. 4779 0353. Buses: 21-111-161-166 

Obras en cartel.


Tony is a successful man that falls madly in love for Helena, a smart woman, funny, sexy and with 30 kilos of overweight. As the romance is known, his friends, Charlie and Sarah, begin to harass him with comments that come to cruelty. Forced to defend his relationship with Helen, Tony confronts with his own preconceptions about appearances. Tony does what he can, until he sees himself forced to make a decision.
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 8:30 pm. Friday and Saturday 8pm and 10pm.
Paseo La Plaza Theater - LOCATIONS FROM $ 100.


Drama Comedy
The play is about the friendship of four men and what remains in common between them when the their lives and commitments, lead them to be in different positions of life.
Wednesdays, Thursdays, 9 pm Friday, Saturdays 8pm and 10:30 pm;
Sunday: 8:30 pm.
Metropolitan Theater - LOCATIONS FROM $ 100.

Pura Ficción

Romantic comedy
Damian Salas (Oscar Martinez), actor, director and teacher of actors, directs his own theater. In this space, in which he works to bring to life imaginary realities, he and his wife, Claudia Marini (Claudia Fontan), successful actress as her husband, rehearse a play about a couple. A fortuitous event unleashes a chain of conflicts, suspicions and recriminations that will risk not only the rehearsal itself, but the forthcoming theatrical season, and even the marriage between the two actors.
Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 8.45pm, 9 pm. Friday and Saturday 8:30 and 10:30 pm
Paseo La Plaza Theater - LOCATIONS FROM $ 100.

Arrancame la risa

After the season in Mar del Plata with of “Dancing with Cobos”, the new company of Nito Artaza presents itself with “Take my laughter in a pull. A show that is worth it”. Thursday 9 pm, Friday 10 pm, Saturday 9:30pm and 11:30 pm, Sunday 9 pm
Broadway Theater - LOCATIONS FROM $ 100.

The Young Frankestein

GUILLERMO FRANCELLA will head the Broadway musical “THE YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN”, of the American genius, Mel Brooks. Directed by the same creative team of "Hairspray" and low production of Paul Kompel, Young Frankenstein, marks the return of Guillermo Francella to the musical comedies. In this version, ENRIQUE PINTI, has made the adaptation of the lyrics.
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 8:30 pm, Fridays: 9 pm, Saturdays: 7:30 and 11 pm
Astral Theater - LOCATIONS FROM $ 110.

Les Luthiers "Lutherapia"

Musical / comedy
Composed by ten new works, including titles such as “El Crusado”, “the Archangel”, and “the Harpy” (medieval Opera), “The weddings of  the King Polipo (Prenuptial march), “The Flute Player and the rats” (oratorio), “Agricutural Aria” (conceptual humming) and “The day of the ending” (exorcism symphonic-choral). New informal instruments will also be presented in Lutherapia, among which is the winner of the last year's Expo of Les Luthiers 40 years and an antidevil exorcism. Designed as a hilarious session of psychoanalysis through which Les Luthiers demonstrates once again its talent and original comedy, Lutherapia.
9:30 pm Fridays and Saturdays, Sundays 8pm.
Gran Rex Theater - LOCATIONS FROM $ 150.

More respect that I am your mother

Mirta Bertotti, a woman of  52 years living in the city of Mercedes, Province of Buenos Aires, whose family and way of life is threatened by the economic crisis of 2001. Along with an unemployed husband, three teenage children, a father and an incipient menopause Mirta must manage various situations of the daily life with humor and achievement.
Wednesday 8:30 pm, Thursdays 8and 10:30 pm, Fridays and Saturdays 28:30 and 11pm, Sundays 8 pm.
Metropolitan Theater - LOCATIONS FROM $ 180.

The phantom of the Ópera

The year 1911 is running and the contents of the Opera Theater in Paris are being auctioned. Eager to bid for valuable objects, some Paris citizens have met, including an older man in a wheelchair named Raoul, who recalls the glory days of the Opera House. While the auctioneer presents the main candle and explains their connections with the legend of the Phantom of the Opera, there is a flash of light and spectators are carried back 50 years in history.
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 8:30 pm, Saturday: 6 and 10 pm, Sundays 7pm
Opera Theater - LOCATIONS FROM $ 180.

Miss Flor and her two husbands

In the Brazilian city, Bahia, Miss Flor Vadinho lives with her husband, to whom she forgives his continued infidelities. After the death of her husband for a heart attack in the Carnival, Miss Flor is left as a widow and with her sexuality out in the open. More convinced than ever she will find another man who will make her lose her senses, and Teodoro appears, an elderly pharmacist, with a great fidelity. Flor and Teodoro get married, but once accustomed to this new life, the spirit of Vadinho appears. Since then, the most hilarious situations are unleashed in a tangled comedy.
Thursdays, Fridays, 9 and 11 pm, Saturdays 9 pm and Sundays 9 pm.
Broadway Theater 1 - LOCATIONS FROM $ 100.

August: Osage County

A father who drinks, a mother who consumes all kinds of pills and three sisters who are hiding secrets. When the large family gathers after the disappearance of the father, the family house explodes.
Cast: Norma Aleandro, Mercedes Morán, Andrea Pietra, Lucrecia Capello, Juan Manuel Tenuta, Horacio Roca, Antonio Ugo
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:9 pm, Saturday: 9:30 pm and Sunday: 7:30 pm
Lola Membrives Theater- LOCATIONS FROM $ 100.

The party is in the Tabaris

Florencia De La V returns to the Buenos Aires Theater, accompanied by Valeria Archimed, Mónica Farro, the Black Wizard and a luxurious incorporation: Hernán Piquín, one of the most outstanding dancers of Argentina
Wednesday, Thursday: 9 pm, Friday 9,10 and 11:15 pm, Saturday, Sunday: 9:15 pm.
Tabaris Theater - LOCATIONS FROM $ 100

Next year at the same time

John and Doris are casual lovers. After a passionate encounter in a complex of huts in Chapadmalal, they decide to see each other again. But they decide to do so once a year, at the same time and same place over the next 30 years of their lives, away from their families.
Cast: Adrian Suar, Julieta Diaz
Fridays: 8:30 pm, Saturdays: 8:30 pm and 11 pm, Sundays: 8 pm.
Maipo Theater - LOCATIONS FROM $ 100.


A dazzling spectacle with the authentic style of the Buenos Aires magazine. More than 30 artists on stage accompanied by a great cast: Tristan, Matias Ale, Ximena Capristo and stellar performance of Maria Eugenia Rito.
Cast: Carmen Barbieri, Santiago Bal, Tristan, Matias Ale, Ximena Capristo, Maria Eugenia Rito.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 9 pm, Fridays, Saturdays 8:30 and 11 pm and Sundays 9 pm.
Liceo Theater - LOCATIONS FROM $ 100.
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