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Discos, parties, night outings

One of the characteristics of the city is to integrate its adventurous side of the beaches and the day with the excitment of the bars, restaurants and places to dance at night in Rua das Pedras. The night in Buzios is one of the most lively, with concerts, places to dance, parties, restaurants and bars for all tastes. The main point for the party is in Rua das Pedras, an eclectic street, where it is common to bump into famous people and listen to foreign languages from everywhere. Here you will be able to see the amount of foreigners that visit the city.
A real runway, Rua das Pedras is visited by millons of tourists during the day but it is at night when it shows its real beauty. With several hidden little streets, renowned boutiques and unique bars as the Takatakatá. Rua differs from normal, with a bohemian and excited and lively image, calling the attention of any tourist.
But the scenario does not summarizes in Rua das Pedras, next to it we find Turibio de Farias that follows the steps of her neighboring street, with excellent prices and new bars and restaurants.
At the end of Rua das Pedras is where the famous Orla Bardot begins, which is increasingly extending the night of Buzios offering new boutiques and bars with style as Zapata.
At any time in Rua das Pedras you will find people. After 2 in the morning the carioca movement starts: small pubs where people start the night, which is continued in big and great places as Privilege, located at the end of Orla Bardot, and which always brings renowned Djs to guarantee the night.

Privilege Disco: guaranteed fun till sunrise on holidays.

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