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Architecture and Monuments

Viewpoints of the Penninsula

Located in strategic points, the two viewpoints in Buzios are enough to provide a complete view of all the village, including islands and mountains. One is between João Fernandinho and Brava beaches, and the other one is between Brava and Forno.
Viewpoint in Forno: it shows almost the entire penninsula, it is locted near Forno beach. Its easy access makes it one of the most important points to appreciate the views of Buzios.
Viewpoint in João Fernandes: next to João Fernandes beach, this viewpoint allows the vision of only a part of the penninsula.

Orla Bardot

As a humble tribute to Brigitte Bardot giving the main point in the city her name, Orla Bardot goes from the end of do Canto beach to the end of da Armação, completing the beautiful sunsets in Buzios. The beauty shows in the sculptures of the plastic artist Christina Mora, such as the own Brigitte Bardot sitting looking the sunset.

In Praia do Armacao

The sculpturess Christina Motta made Three Fishermen in bronze concentrated on their nets, in the middle of the sea near the shore.

Chapel of Our Lady of Untieing Knots

The devotion for the Lady of untieing knots, started in Germany around 1700 when it was registered a miraculous portrait of the Virgin, inspired on a meditation of Saint Irineo. Later the portarit was placed in Augsburg, in a Church of the city. The miraculous registers were spread all over Europe, reaching South America, Sanctuaries dedicated an altar to her. The Buzios Chapel was built and dedicated to her in a territory donated by the parish priest of Saint Ana and Santa Rita and the Father Ricardo Whyte, thanks to the devotion of miss Isis Penido, who   tokk on all the expenses.
Adress: Av. José B. Ribeiro Dantas, nº 3333 - Geribá - PHONE: 2623-6530/2623-6771 - 9:00hs to 21:00hs.

Sanit Ana Curch

It is undoubtely that it is an important part of the Buzios history, built in 1740, the first catholic manifestation in the city. Historic Heritage, an attraction for tourists that appreciate the beauty of its architecture. Built between the beaches of Armação and Ossos, the church shows its beauty facing the sea. Behind the church we find the only cemetry in the city. Phone: (22) 2623-6530

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