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Green spaces


Squares that decorate the city offer fun and tranquility.

Santos Dumont Square: downtown Buzios, it has little events during the weekends, such as: the Cultural Project “The Square”, with artists, singers and the traditional crafts fair, that remains during all the year with its typical and exclusive works from artists of the area. The annual Cinema Festival reproduces movies of excellent quality, free of charge.

Bones Square: it is small but offers enough tranquility for a good reading and romantic meetings. In its surroundings there are various tourist attractions of great natural beauty, that is why, its general aspect is always glamorous and nice.


The islands enclose the penninsula creating a perfect ecosystem for fish, corals and birds, all the things the great divers look for. In a unique boat tour you can know the islands of Caboclo, Feia and Rasa, a nice trip.

Feia Island: It was named this way because it was discovered from behind, where there is no more than a stone wall. It is a forced stop for ships. Desserted, with a beautiful beach, perfect for those looking for a good place to dive.

dos Gravatás Island: exotic diving spot, it can be visited from Geribá.

da Rasa Island: private property, Rasa island is named this way for being near Rasa beach.

do Caboclo Island: small island near the pier, downtown. Perfect for amateur fishing.

Da Âncora Island: visited by diving enthusiasts.

Branca Island: next to João Fernandes. Tour boats stop here.

Colõnia dos Pescadores

There are several holiday camps in the city, the contents can vary but all of them do social works and as an association of the people they tend to protect and defend the fishermen rights, giving courses of professional training, medical assistance, rescuing values of a millenial profession.
For those who go to Buzios to venture in the waters looking for good fish, in the holiday fishing camp of Rua das Pedras is possible to rent a boat to practice or go touring through the island. Visitors have the possibility to rent a “trainera” (typical boat of local fishing) and the advantage of fishing next to native fishermen and still enjoy comfort. Brazilians, argentines, italians and tourists from all over the world never stop worshipping the great caipirinha served aboard.
The most important party of the fishermen community is San Pedro, in June 29. The image of Our Lady of Saint Ana leaves from the Church of the patron saint of fishing and is taken up to a boat. Decorated with colorful flags which leaves for a procession that lasts all day. In the afternoon the ship carring the image moors in the pier and a crowd accompanies it back to the church. As the celebration is on holidays, the city is crowded with tourists from all over the world.

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