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Rochester Hotel - serena


Alma Resto - Serena Buzios Boutique Resort - Rochester Hotels

The restaurant propousal in Serena Boutique Resort includes a varied menu, with exquisite dishes created by our chefs, receipes of International cuisine and colourful local cuisine. Half board and full board services. The bar has an extensive menu of drinks, special sandwiches and picadas that can be enjoyed on the deck by the pool.

Because your opinion matters

Serena [RH] launched an integral guest satisfaction program. details +

Because your opinion matters

Under the motto the hotel chain Rochester Hotels has -"listen to our guests"- the company has set a comprehensive program including different tools. This allows the hotel company to assess and rate the experience of each guest and to determine the areas to be improved in order to exceed the expectations of the most exigent guests day after day.

Many are the tools that integrate the program. One of said tools is the online survey: an emailing containing a survey sent to each guest after the stay in order to evaluate individually all the hotel areas. THe high rate of responded surveys guests send back to Rochester Hotels make it possible to the hotel chain to analyze results on a weekly basis.

Moreover, the online comments and suggestions section of Rochester Hotels website allows guests to rate the offered services making a comment or a suggestion.

The onsite surveys are carried out while guests are in house using a survey that includes en evaluation of all hotel areas. At the same time, onsite suggestions give guests the opportunity to detail their suggestions, pouting out those issues they consider necessary.

Finally, the suggestions box give guests the chance to send Rochester Hotels their comments anonymously. All these comments, congratulations, suggestions and or improvements to be done are read by the management of the company in order to evaluate each case individually.

Rochester Hotels also oversees all websites where guests post their experiences at our hotels. Depending on the case, guests are contacted to thank them for their comments or to clarify any situation by our management

Mystery shoppers are also carried out at Rochester Hotels in order to check that procedures match the established standards for each area. Telephone calls, emails and mystery guests staying at all the hotels the company has are part of the pillars used at Rochester Hotels to guarantee guest satisfaction.

Thanks to all this work that is done day after day, Rochester Hotels is proud to have a constant 95% occupancy level -which has been also the result during the last years- and a management focused and based on guest satisfaction. 90% of the results of the surveys are positive showing the high satisfaction level of the guests who stay at Rochester Hotels.

Excellent !

97% of our guests rate Rochester Hotels positively.

Guests rating


Very good


Very good


Very good
"The service is good, people is very nice" Mabeline Alfano Chile Room 803
"The service is good, the people is very nice and it is a beautiful place where to stay". download Pictures of our guests
"Very good service and great attitude" Jaime Poch Mendoza, Arg. Room 403
"Very good service and all the staff of Serena has a great attitude. It was a very nice stay.". download Pictures of our guests
"Very good service, place and food quality" Maria Pomponio Buenos Aires, Arg. Room 505
"Very good service, the quality of the place and the food are also excellent. The staff is very nice and they are always willing to help you". download Pictures of our guests
"Our stay has been perfect" Julio Mormandi Buenos Aires, Arg. Room 214
"Our stay has been perfect. It was our first visit to Serena; we were very cordially welcomed and the service was outstanding as well as the hotel. It is a place to recommend and we look forward to going back to Serena again!". download Pictures of our guests
"The place is not only beautiful” Carlos Ramírez Colombia Room 800
"The travel agency Ayarez Viajes reccommended us staying at Serena and insisted a lot until we finally decided to go there. The travel agents were absolutely right: the place is not only beautiful because of its building and the design but also because of the staff who was around us us and always had a smile and an adecuate suggestion for us. The weather was not the best we could have had but all the other things made us forget about the weather. My husband and I congratulated all the staff in charge of taking care of Serena, who do it very well. We had a lovely week. The only thing that could be improved is the entrance to the hotel.". download Pictures of our guests
Serena Boutique Resort