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30 Octubre 2009

Hotels close to theatres in Buenos Aires

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Avenida Corrientes is widely known as the “spot that never sleeps”. It’s the epicentre of the main artistic and theatrical activities that Buenos Aires has to offer. Along this famous avenue you can find the most traditional buildings which are visited by locals and tourists that enjoy recreational activities that imply art, culture and entertainment. Some of the most important theatres and attractions in Buenos Aires are: the Gran Rex, the Opera Theatre, the Metropolitan, The Picadilly, the Lorange, the Blanca Podesta and the Lola Membrives and the General San Martin. There are also excellent bars, cafes, pizza parlors, restaurants and bookstores in this part of Buenos Aires.


The outstanding nightlife that includes Avenida Corrientes has led to many hotels to offer their services in its surroundings that is why you can find from luxury hotels to budget hotels in this part of the city. There are very good budget friendly accommodation alternatives.

Booking a hotel near the main theatres in Buenos Aires is a wonderful option since it allows tourists to fully enjoy the art and culture that the traditional Calle Corrientes has to offer.

The picture belongs to Gary Denness under a Creative Commons Attribution.

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