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aparts-hotels-in-buenos-aires.jpgThe diverse hotels located in Downtown Buenos Aires have the advantage of offering easy access to enjoy historical, cultural and recreational activities in the city such as visiting: the Obelisk, Colon and Cervantes Theaters, the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Malba, the House of Culture, the Cabildo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Planetarium and the Pacific Galleries.

The foremost Buenos Aires hotels are characterized by an excellent service offering. They boast luxurious restaurants where the extraordinary flavors of the national cuisine and the aroma of its excellent wines are mixed with the most fashionable tango shows and result in a complete delight for each of the senses.

They also have spacious rooms for special social events or business meetings and different leisure areas including prestigious spa centers, swimming pools or gymnasiums equipped with modern exercise machines.

The photography belongs to Sebastián-Dario under a license by Creative Commons Attribution.

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