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buenos-aires-hotels-with-benefits-to-regular-travelers.jpgThe most excellent Capital Federal Hotels offer outstanding benefits and additional advantages for those guests who regularly stay at these hotels. Due to their exclusive programs, guests are given identification cards that allow them to enjoy special discounts on services such as: Internet in room, telephone, laundry, mini-bar consumption, 2×1 at lunch, additional half board meal plan, surprises, presents and even great discounts on hotel rates per room.

The benefits that these identification cards allow guests are to enjoy more without spending more, but less. They are ideal for companies that need to travel to Buenos Aires on a regular basis and to stay at excellent hotels with modern functional facilities and convenient rates.

Before you book a Buenos Aires hotel, don’t forget to consult the different promotions and special packages that are currently offered.

The photograph belongs to armincifuentes under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

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