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Business Class Hotels were specially designed bearing in mind the needs of business travelers who arrive the City of Buenos Aires.


Executive rooms have spacious desks which are well-lit and from them you can enjoy high speed Internet access, International direct dealing, voice mail system customized, MediaHub TeleAdapt technology, safe, mini bar, cable TV plus having 24 hour room service that includes delivery of newspapers and wake up calls at your entire disposal.

Furthermore, Buenos Aires hotels offer outstanding business services (photocopier, fax, computers, etc.), laundry and dry cleaning, Wi-Fi areas, wide range of alternatives for organizing diners at their restaurants and special hotel facilities where executives can rest and relax.

The Convention Centers of Business Hotels have spacious multi-purpose rooms which are equipped with ideal facilities for executives therefore they can do their Jobs while enjoying numerous services such as simultaneous translation, recording of lectures, theatrical stage lighting and 3DFR sound system.

The photography belongs to thinkpanama under a license by Creative Commons Attribution.

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