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Hotels near centers of gymnastics in El Calafate

Posteado el Abril 14, 2010 - Categorizado en Hotels in El Calafate

If you are an active person, accustomed to make physical exercises and don’t want abandon during their holidays, you can stay in hotels in El Calafate offer this service. If your hotel does not possess it, we give you a guide to take into account. Probably if notifies them is to visit may enjoy some benefit.

GIMNASIO MUNICIPAL - Campaña del Desierto 1100 - El Calafate

FITNESS GYM José Formenti 341- El Calafate TEL: 02902 - 495 898

DRAGON GYM Paseo del Sol Local 21 - El Calafate

GIMNASIO MUNICIPAL PINCHARRATAS Juan Pablo II 168 - mzna. 519 - Bº Cerro Calafate

GIMNASIO MUNICIPAL PALOS GRUESOS Av. 349 nº 1775 - Bº Saleciano – 492219

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Hotels in El Calafate near GLACIARIUM the first museum of Patagonian Ice

Posteado el Abril 12, 2010 - Categorizado en Hotels in El Calafate

Today in the destination of El Calafate is being built GLACIARIUM, which is the first museum of Patagonian Ice. This is an interpretation center last generation whose function is to give visitors an interactive vision where the Patagonian Ice and glaciers are the players.

There is an interdisciplinary team that is working in the construction and in the development of the draft which possesses as main objectives , promoting the visual experience, create a space dedicated to the investigation, generate entertainment with scientific rigor, disseminating the latest research on glaciers and its surroundings, and provide a message of environmental awareness.

Keep in mind and not to lose that it will be the first players to witness the inauguration of this novel museum, which by its location enables you to find hotels where to stay in fast and easy way in El Calafate.

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Hotels near the airport Cte Armando Tola of El Calafate

Posteado el Abril 11, 2010 - Categorizado en Hotels in El Calafate

The International Airport “Commander Armando Tola” serves to transfers in El Calafate, province of Santa Cruz. It is located 23 km from the city, more precisely toward this.

Served as access to those tourists who visit the Los Glaciares National Park and close to him, you can find hotels of all categories.

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Hotels in El Calafate with service of transfers

Posteado el Marzo 17, 2010 - Categorizado en Hotels in El Calafate

Many hotels in El Calafate make it more accessible and without much difficulty shipments toward any point in the city in two ways: in collectively or individually, as part of its travel package. Some hotels have rates for the income of minibuses or bus. The teams that you will rent are modern and have air conditioning and from 6 to 48 seats.

The drivers in charge of the collectives are professionals and also includes guide of languages, if you need it. Transfer Collective or Transfer from the Airport: at the time that comes from the security zone of the airport, a representative will give you their vouchers (ticket for travel) and will take up the vehicle that he was assigned to his transfer. The vehicle probably make some stops, since that carries different passengers to their hotels.

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Hotels with modality half board in El Calafate

Posteado el Marzo 15, 2010 - Categorizado en Hotels in El Calafate

If it is the first time that travels to El Calafate and does not know where you can eat, to take into account the hotels that offer halfboard (Breakfast and lunch).

Some hotels offer this mode as a promotion that is included in the price when you reserve a room at the senior level. Contact the departments that are responsible for the reservations of hotels and ask for the availability for the date you chose travel.

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Hotels in El Calafate set with musical shows alive

Posteado el Marzo 13, 2010 - Categorizado en Hotels in El Calafate

El Calafate is an incredible destination where it is possible to enjoy and choose between different attractions during his stay. May attend to musicals of all types that are provided by the same hotels of El Calafate exclusively for its guests and in this way will be possible to be participant in shows of rock international, national, tango, pop, classics, among others.

And not only that, but there are also hotels of all categories and all the issues; luxurious and accessible that obviously have musical shows live, which are generally posts on the scene while you are dining.

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Hotels near the bars of El Calafate

Posteado el Marzo 10, 2010 - Categorizado en Hotels in El Calafate

Close to hotels in El Calafate are the best bars where you can pass the best and most pleasant moments next to their friends. Each and every one of these bars offer the ideal climate for enjoy an exquisite chopped gourmet sandwiches, pizzas or craft, which are ideal accompany with a beer Premium, imported, whisky or drinks novel.

There are other options with regard to restaurants: Pure Life with its menu home; the classic Casimiro Cormorants, The Tablita, known by its chopped and its lamb to the grill, and without forgetting the pizzeria The Owl, in the center of El Calafate with prices for the public. Apart from dishes exquisite and rich beverages enjoyment musicals in an excellent and comfortable environment as well as what is charming in this city.

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