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Artcrafts market, Plaza Francia

Posted on Febrero 26, 2013 - Classified as Actividades en Buenos Aires, Ferias de Buenos Aires, General, Novedades, Que hacer hoy en Bs As, Rochester

The market is located in one of the most wealthy neighborhoods of Capital Federal: Recoleta. It opens every weekend and a wide variety of produts are found in this traditional market, from food and clothes to objects. For families, it is one of the best places to visit because of the many outodoors live shows offered all day long.

Village Recoleta, a cinema complex offering also food court, and Buenos Aires Design are located very close to Plaza Francia. At nights, Plaza Francia is a hotspot thanks to the bars, night clubs and pubs that surround it. Recoleta is also a rich in history area: the Recoleta Cemetery, where Evita and other important people of Argentina’s history are buried, is a must when visiting Recoleta.

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Stay in Buenos Aires and enjoy the tours of design

Posted on Febrero 27, 2010 - Classified as Hotels in Buenos Aires, Rochester

Under the name of Buenos Aires Design Tour, students of clothing and design of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), armed a tour through the most prominent places where you can find the workshops of independent designers. If you are interested in the creations of Argentine designers, do not miss the opportunity to stay at one of the hotels of the city of Buenos Aires and make these tours where you will get to know the trajectory of the authors of the designs -their studies, awards received, the experience and the presence abroad- also they will give you advices on the techniques of clothing, resources and used materials, and the inspiration for their creators. The visitors can request the presence of the designers during the tours.

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Hotels in Buenos Aires close to the Luna Park

Posted on Febrero 26, 2010 - Classified as Hotels in Buenos Aires, Rochester

Luna Park is located at the heart of the City of Buenos Aires. Throughout more than 70 years the corner of Corrientes and Bouchard became a classic for all Argentines. Around this corner, there were built hotels of different categories for the most demanded tourists who arrived at Buenos Aires attracted by the shows that there are presented. This traditional indoor stadium in Buenos Aires where activities are carried out like art and sports, was founded by Ismael Pace and Jose Lectoure in 1931. The same has witnessed significant developments in the twentieth century, among them we can mention religious, political, artistic, sports and social acts.

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Celebrate the arrival of the Bicentennial in the hotels of Buenos Aires

Posted on Febrero 25, 2010 - Classified as Hotels in Buenos Aires, Rochester

This year, our motherland meets the two hundred years of the May Revolution in 1810 that gave us the freedom and it will be celebrated in the city of Buenos Aires, one of the more important epicenters of the country. The hotels of Buenos Aires are prepared to be at such considering event and receiving all national and international visitors of the country as never before.
Two cultural spaces have been inaugurated in the city of Buenos Aires for this reason, one is the national House of the Bicentennial on the street Riobamba 985 and the other is the Cultural Center of the Bicentennial in Av. Flows and Sarmiento.

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Hotels near the Rural Buenos Aires

Posted on Febrero 24, 2010 - Classified as Hotels in Buenos Aires, Rochester

The Rural of the city of Buenos Aires was created 130 years ago and since then it has experienced a steady growth. With the construction at the end of the 1990s of Ochre, Blue, Yellow and Green pavilions became entrenched as the main center of fairs, exhibitions and events in the region. Its modern and varied facilities make it an ideal framework for all kind of events. In future, it is expected the realization of the Multiple Events Center (EMF) which will consolidate the process of the expansion of the company. From 4 to 6 May 2010 is expected in the Buenos Aires Fairgrounds of The Rural Areas the meeting of foreign trade, international transport and logistics, Expo Comex, in which will be the great position platform, face the challenges and opportunities offered by the new world order. If you are one of the protagonists of the sector, remember book in advance your stay in one of the hotels of Buenos Aires near the complex.

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Hotels to stay in Saint Patrick Days in Buenos Aires

Posted on Febrero 23, 2010 - Classified as Hotels in Buenos Aires, Rochester

Following the started path in 2009, there will be again this year the 2nd Parade of Saint Patricks in Capital Federal and you can witness it staying at one of the hotels of the city of Buenos Aires. The parade, organized by the Capital Federal Argentine Irish Association William B. Yeats, the Government of the city of Buenos Aires and sponsored by the Embassy of Ireland, will start at Arroyo and Suipacha on March 17 to end up in San Martin Square and participating delegations in different parts of the city and its surroundings. With gnomes, fairies, music and celts dances. The only condition is to have a green distinctive.

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Hotels near the bars of Buenos Aires

Posted on Febrero 22, 2010 - Classified as Hotels in Buenos Aires, Rochester

The city of Buenos Aires is famous for having a bar or a pub almost by block. Near each hotel of Buenos Aires, surely there is a bar waiting to enjoy sandwiches, pizzas or crafts accompanied by Premium beers, bullets, imported, whisky or novel drinks. In many of them are presented live bands or some disc jockeys who are recognized in this city.

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Hotels in Buenos Aires to stay and get to know the Theme Park Holy Land

Posted on Febrero 21, 2010 - Classified as Hotels in Buenos Aires, Rochester

You will enjoy the first theme religious park of the world, devoted to the Holy Land in the city of Buenos Aires. Carry to the beginning of the Christian era, 2000 years ago, and you will witness the life and work of Jesus. Get excited with the largest crib in the world, with hundreds of figures of real size and the most unique spectacle of light and sound. Relive the Last Supper, where Jesus was invited to share your Table.
Surprise yourself with the image of Christ with 18 meters in height and with the panoramic view of the town. Walking through the streets of Jerusalem, you will become protagonist of this history, touring the music of that time, the typical meals and the arts and crafts in a magical atmosphere. The address is Av. Rafael Obligado 5790. There are many hotels of Buenos Aires that are around of the Costanera Norte near the park.

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Hotels in Buenos Aires to stay in Holy Week

Posted on Febrero 20, 2010 - Classified as Hotels in Buenos Aires, Rochester

If you are thinking of Holy Week is already arriving and you have the possibility of traveling in those days, choose the path that leads you to the city of Buenos Aires. There are hotels of Buenos Aires that offer you a buffet lunch for Sunday Easter April 4.
Even you will taste a menu theme of the Middle East and of course for dessert the chocolate eggs and thread of Easter which are the delights of children and adults.

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Hotels to celebrate the woman`s day in Buenos Aires

Posted on Enero 31, 2010 - Classified as Hotels in Buenos Aires, Rochester

The International Woman`s Day is one of the most expected in Argentina, in the city of Buenos Aires, all women will be able to enjoy different attractive programs; among the best ones you could find water therapies, in the sauna and the hydro massage; fruit plates, juice or tea in the relax area and relaxing 20 minutes massages. The last ones will be done with organic oleos allowing you to an integral therapy (mind, body and spirit); lymphatic drainage and corporal hydration with products with exclusive spas; all this and more are some of the services that you will be offered in the hotels of Buenos Aires, so as to enjoy your day without preoccupations.

Thus, you will take mini vacations for pampering and taking care of your body, while travel through the streets of this beautiful city, and you will enjoy excellent promotions and not to worry about anything during your day.

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