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There is nothing more pleasurable than a breakfast succulent start to the day of the best possible way. The hotels located in San Carlos de Bariloche abundant and exquisite breakfasts to the buffet style to delight. There are hot dishes like scrambled eggs, sausage and omelets- and also the bakery and confectionery of each establishment.

Apart from all this enjoy a great variety in cereals, fruit, yogurt, cheeses, luncheon meats; jams, dulce de leche, cheese spreads; fruit juices, teas, teas, coffee or breakfast criollo with matte and delights traditional processing homemade cakes: fries, bread in the field, cremonas, cupcakes and biscuits of fat. Remember that hotels in Bariloche has a wide variety of options for the first and foremost very important meal of the day.

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