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Plaza de Mayo is one of the most important sites of interest in Buenos Aires. It has been the scene of some of the most important political and social events of the Argentine Republic. It is located in Monserrat Neighborhood in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and it is surrounded by Hip├│lito Irigoyen, Bolivar, Rivadavia and 25 de Mayo Streets.


These hotels are surrounded by several major monuments and sites of interest of the city such as: the Buenos Aires Cabildo, the Pink House (where the official seat of the executive branch of the Government of Argentina is), the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Buenos Aires City Hall and the central House of the Nation Bank.

To book a hotel near Plaza de Mayo has become a perfect alternative for business travelers who need to access quickly and easily to the financial center of the city of Buenos Aires.

The main Capital Federal accommodations provide an outstanding service offering. They are hotel with restaurants and they feature: fitness center, business center and spa.

The photography belongs to Sebastián-Dario under a license by Creative Commons Attribution.

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