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Buenos Aires Boutique Hotels offer a special level of accommodation, brilliant facilities and services. They are excellent alternatives for travelers who seek hotels suitable for extended stays.


There are apartments fully equipped to meet the needs of different types of guests and offer the perfect atmosphere for them to rest, relax and feel at home. High speed Internet, Cable television, sound-absorbing windows, safety box, kitchenette, coffee maker, microwave, minibar, dinner service and tables and chairs are some of their facilities.

These exceptional hotels have friendly atmosphere. They are comfortable and offer the ideal setting for you to fully enjoy your days in this destination while having quality services and facilities at your disposal, including fabulous spa services, modern gymnasiums, business center plus outstanding restaurants and bars with wide range of specialities.

Discover the astonishing design, the culinary specialities and friendly and cordial service that the most extraordinary boutique hotels of Buenos Aires have to offer.

The photography belongs to Kunstlab under a license by Creative Commons Attribution.

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