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The hotels of Downtown Buenos Aires are surrounded by tourist attractions of cultural and historical importance including the Obelisk, the Colon Theater, the Plaza de Mayo, the Manzana de las Luces, the Cabildo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the House of Culture and the San Francisco Convent. In the surrounding areas of these hotels, you can easily find traditional bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs and nightclubs of the city of Buenos Aires.


The foremost Hotels in Buenos Aires offer cozy standard guest rooms, suites or triples which are excellent for long stays since they are fully equipped with minibar, cable television, safety box and other facilities and from them you can enjoy high speed Internet connection. These hotels also offer 24 hour concierge service, room service, breakfast buffet, bar restaurant, business center, laundry and dry cleaning, gymnasium, shuttle service, excursions and WiFi in some areas, to name a few services and facilities.

The photography belongs to Sebastián-Dario under a license by Creative Commons Attribution.

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