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The most well-known Buenos Aires Hotels offer business travelers strategic locations that allow them to enjoy easy access to important buildings and sites of interest such as the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires, Casa Rosada, Cabildo, Plaza de Mayo and major bank and postal services of Argentina.


Very near these hotels you can easily find the most outstanding restaurants offering the best menus you can imagine that are ideal for every palate. They feature executive menus and complete list of Argentinean wines which are widely known as the best ones. They also provide excellent services for business meetings and other types of events so you can organize different events on their premises.

It must be said that these hotels were mainly designed and equipped with the best MediaHub TeleAdapt technology. They also feature: business center, meeting rooms, bar restaurant, fitness center and high speed Internet in guestrooms and common areas.

The photograph belongs to  loco085 under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

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