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If you are an active person, accustomed to make physical exercises and don’t want abandon during their holidays, you can stay in hotels in El Calafate offer this service. If your hotel does not possess it, we give you a guide to take into account. Probably if notifies them is to visit may enjoy some benefit.

GIMNASIO MUNICIPAL - Campaña del Desierto 1100 - El Calafate

FITNESS GYM José Formenti 341- El Calafate TEL: 02902 - 495 898

DRAGON GYM Paseo del Sol Local 21 - El Calafate

GIMNASIO MUNICIPAL PINCHARRATAS Juan Pablo II 168 - mzna. 519 - Bº Cerro Calafate

GIMNASIO MUNICIPAL PALOS GRUESOS Av. 349 nº 1775 - Bº Saleciano – 492219

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