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Being built more than 100 years ago, the famous Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires boasts excellent architectural styles and unique features that make it one of the best theatres in the entire world which is ideal for extraordinary events.


Located in the heart of this destination, tourists can easily find numerous things to do in its surroundings where they can enjoy the type of activities that appeals to them the most. Being near Colon Theatre enables tourists to enjoy easy access to a wide range of tourist services that include accommodation at luxury hotels. There are also numerous romantic restaurants of typical regional and international cuisine, travel tour operators and traditional boutiques, among other sites of interest.

The City of Buenos Aires, a charming tourist destination in Argentina, offers several attractions such as its interesting history and culture which are features that make this city one of the best alternatives for your next holidays in Latin America.

The picture belongs to Veronique Debord under a Creative Commons Attribution.

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