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hotels-near-retiro-buenos-aires.jpgRetiro, one of the most important areas of the City of Buenos Aires, features major tourist attractions that are highly visited by locals as well as tourists. Plaza San Martin, the monument to the fallen of the Falklands War, the Torre de los Ingleses, Kavanagh building and Anchorena Palace (former building of the Chancellor) are some of them.

At present, Retiro neighbourhood is located in the heart of Buenos Aires City which is one of the most visited sites by tourists since there they can find luxurious Hotels as well as other accommodations. They are strategically situated since there are great shopping and business centers, restaurants and other sites in this part of Buenos Aires.

It must be said that the famous Estacion Retiro is located in this area of the city. This station is one of the largest ones in the world. Mitre, Belgrano and San Martin are three rail lines that can be found in Estación Retiro. The bus station is also located in Retiro where you can find several bus lines that can take you to different parts of this destination. For these and many other reasons, it is advisable to book a hotel that is in Retiro or its surroundings.

The picture belongs to Sebastián-Dario under a Creative Commons Attribution.

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