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San Martin Square was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1942 and it is one of the most important historical attractions in the City of Buenos Aires which is highly visited by locals and tourists. It is a beautiful spot in this destination. It is known for its lush vegetation and different trees which make it the best meeting point for students, entire families and tourists.


Furthermore, near San Martin Square you can find luxurious homes and mansions as well as extraordinary boutique Hotels. There are also traditional jewellery stores and handicrafts shops where you can get the most beautiful souvenirs made of leather and other materials.

Booking a hotel near San Martin Square in Retiro is an excellent alternative for your next holidays since it will allow you to enjoy easy access to the best art and cultural centers located in this part of Buenos Aires while being close to some of the most recommended restaurants in the City of Buenos Aires.

The picture belongs to TheTwoBoxers under a Creative Commons Attribution.

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