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The Rural of the city of Buenos Aires was created 130 years ago and since then it has experienced a steady growth. With the construction at the end of the 1990s of Ochre, Blue, Yellow and Green pavilions became entrenched as the main center of fairs, exhibitions and events in the region. Its modern and varied facilities make it an ideal framework for all kind of events. In future, it is expected the realization of the Multiple Events Center (EMF) which will consolidate the process of the expansion of the company. From 4 to 6 May 2010 is expected in the Buenos Aires Fairgrounds of The Rural Areas the meeting of foreign trade, international transport and logistics, Expo Comex, in which will be the great position platform, face the challenges and opportunities offered by the new world order. If you are one of the protagonists of the sector, remember book in advance your stay in one of the hotels of Buenos Aires near the complex.

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